CHT 9000 WM6 亞洲通用版 Ver 1.5

* Everything from original ROM
* Default theme changed to HTC black theme
* Included Tao’s 10 buttons Kaiser Comm Manager
* Patched wince.nls to support Chinese/Japanese/Korean (Korean will need extra fonts)
* mingliu.ac3 font for Chinese/Japanese display
* G4 SIP Changer for SIP configuration.
* GSFinder+ v1.04 for Explorer replacement
* ClearTemp v0.9.3
* PIM Backup v2.5.0.0
* HTC Network Wizard (apparently I found it not working after I upload this ROM

, I will fix it up in the Schap’s new upcoming ROM, sorry )
* Removed Automatic operator settings configuration, SuperBright (VJLumosIII), FieldTest 1.57
* Move VoIP Setting & Advanced Configuration Tools from Ext ROM to main ROM
credit goes to original Authors
for my reference only: Benchmark
anyway.. give it a try




XDA 同步放送

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喜愛旅遊並沉迷科技應用數十年無法自拔的重度 3C 上癮者!

11 則留言

  1. 謝謝辛苦的工作人員放出這新版的Rom,
    這一次不是用Black 改的嗎?
    那有截圖嗎? 可否給個連結看看先,謝謝!

  2. 辛苦了!

  3. 請問版主,
    想要刷非官方版的的rom, 不知道有沒有比較淺顯易懂的教學(step by step), 看了許多網站都只有片段教學, 我實在是不敢嘗試(又有分刷Radio rom, OS rom….. )

  4. 感謝版主細心的回答,
    刷 ROM 真的有好多方法, 看得實在霧煞煞,
    我先試著使用 RUU 程式選用Force Using SSPL刷了Radio 1.51, 看起來成功了, 只是不清楚使用 Force Using SSPL 與 HSPL 刷法有何差異?

  5. Thanks for your work! It\’s great for us. Does this rom support Hong Kong Font? It is necessary for me?

  6. Dear版主,
    I tried it and it works good!
    Thank you!
    I also added:
    Sprite backup (safe if I lost data)
    Skype (cheaper phone)
    Voice commander (also good in Chinese as well)
    BatteryStatus (show battery, dialing time, temp, memory left)

  7. 無中文輸入嗎 板大前一版可以自己安裝 SIP 來裝鍵盤可以使用的注音輸入法 但這板好像沒有 請問可以提供嗎

  8. 大大請問一下cht9000怎硬起阿
    版主回覆:(11/22/2009 03:48:12 PM)
    兩個 “-” 加上 次屁股應該就可以硬起了
    WM6 XDA上面一堆有興趣可以去參考看看

  9. The Download link has no link for the file. I think it has been deleted.
    Is there any link which I can tried?
    版主回覆:(11/22/2009 03:48:12 PM)
    Sorry This Rom is STOP Development